Zella Lou- 8 months


please ignore the poor lighting in this months photos due to a hectic schedule

The Facts:

- You are still “inchworming” your way around the house.  My personal favorite is when this occurs on our kitchen floor.  It looks like you are doing the worm and it gets you places pretty quickly. (Baby proofing has started.)  Slowly you are learning to do less belly flops and more leg movements to resemble more of a crawl.  You have just a few weeks to be in tip top crawling shape for the diaper dash on the cruise…we are going for gold, baby! Smile


- You were baptized this month.  Hopefully one of these days I will get around to posting the pictures. 

- You are chattering a lot more.  You have said things that sounds roughly like “mama”, “dada”, and “ella” which we have convinced ourselves is “Zella.”  Hopefully soon you will actually know what it is you are saying. Smile


- You currently receive twice daily hand massages (Dr.’s orders.)  It is amazing how much this has improved the scar tissue in you hand. 

- You are eating all kinds of fruits, veggies, and other soft table food.  Still no signs of teeth.

- You love to fall asleep on your tummy.  Whenever you are placed on your back you are usually frantic.  The minute we flip you over and pat your bottom a few times, you go right to sleep.


- You want to pull yourself up on things so badly but are not quite there yet.

- You have recently been taking about 5 out of your 6oz. of formula with each bottle.  I’m not sure why that last ounce has become too much for you. 

- I can’t get enough of the rolls on your thighs…more spaces for kisses.


- You have just about grown out of your car seat and are currently in 12month or 12-18month clothing.  Such  a big girl!

- You can often be found repeatedly slapping your hand on the nearest surface (usually someone else’s face) when you get excited.  It hurts but is still pretty funny.


You bring us so many smiles, little girl.  It is wonderful to see your personality coming out more and more. 


We love you!


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