Zella Lou- 7 months


The Facts:

- You are such a happy baby and laugh a lot.  Your sister can still make you smile like no one else can and she does a great job soothing you when we need a little help.

- Your left hand is healing really well.  We go back for your check-up soon but I’m sure everything will be fine. 

- Even though there are still no signs of teeth coming through, you have started eating some table food.  You always have to have something to eat when the rest of us are eating dinner (even if you just finished eating yours.)


- You are sleeping great at night and still do a very nice job of putting yourself to sleep.  You get fussy, we lay you down with a blanket and paci and you are usually asleep in a moments notice.

- You have started to play peek-a-boo with us.  You love hiding your face with the burp cloth after we are done feeding you. 


- About a month ago you developed some stranger danger.  Your grandparents hate this but you usually get over it pretty quickly, especially if food is involved.

- You are getting baptized this weekend. We are excited to celebrate with you. 

- Recently, you discovered that you can splash in the bath.  You love to do this and listen to/watch the bath water run.


- Your favorite thing to do right now is to get up on all fours.  You are constantly rocking back and forth trying to get somewhere.

- You have discovered that you can spin yourself around on your belly pretty well. Between that and rolling around, and going from a seated position to a laying position, you are really all over the place already. 

- You still kick your feet like a crazy woman whenever we are getting ready to give you a bottle.  You just can’t hold in your ecitement.


Zella Lou, you mean the world to us.  We are so incredibly thankful that you are a part of our family.  We love you and that beautiful smile!

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