Zella Lou- 12 months


The Facts:

- You are getting closer and closer to walking.  Currently, you need to hold on to someone else’s finger while you walk in order to feel confident enough.

- You are completely off of formula and on Vitamin D milk.  We are working on getting rid of the bottle but you are stubborn.


- When we ask you if you want to “eat” or want a “snack” you now smack your lips in response. 

- You have started to fold your hands when we pray at meal times. It is pretty adorable.


- You are still in 24 month/ 2T clothing.  You also wear a size 4 shoe right now.

- I think you are slowly getting over your stranger danger.  You still aren’t a huge fan of new people but are warming up to them a little easier than before.

- You are getting ready to start in the toddler classroom and love playing with all of their toys when you visit.  The toddler playground is also a favorite of yours. –Our outdoorsy girl.-


Happy 1st birthday, baby girl!  We love you so much.  You are such a happy baby and we can’t wait to watch you continue to grow. 



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  • Kathy Roe

    Love me some Zella Lou! Such a sweetheart!!

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