Zella Lou- 10 Months


The Facts:

-You finally got your first tooth! :)


- You love to walk around while holding onto furniture and pushing the walker.  You are going to be walking on your own before we know it.

- The other day you decided to crawl up the first step on our stairs like it was no big deal.  You were watching sissy go upstairs and, as usual, wanted to do what she was doing. 


- You hardly eat baby food anymore.  You only want solid food.

- You finally said mama the other day….right after you went from saying “dada” to the occasional “daddy.”  I see where I rank. 

- You are a daddy’s girl right now and will even cry when he leaves the room.

iPiccy-collage- You can sign “all done” and almost said it the other night.


- You really enjoy singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” You move your hands up and down, smile, and bounce when it is sung to you. 


-You are already in 18 month clothes and sometimes wear a 18-24 month shirt.  I even bought you a 2T dress the other day and it fits you. We are flying through Bryn’s hand-me-downs, especially her shoes!

- You are so happy and still give the best giggles when your sister is talking to you.  I love the way you two adore each other. (At least when she isn’t trying to pick you up or get in your face.)


We love you so much, baby girl!


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