Why, hello 20-14

This year we rang in the New Year at our house.  We had thrown around a few ideas about going to a Masquerade party who doesn’t want to relive that scene from The Phantom of the Opera?!?! but with husbands who want to save money, not worry about sharing the road with drunkards, and then of course the fact that we have children in the mix now…we decided it was best to keep it simple.

Our version of “simple” turned into having five couples join us in celebrating the New Year.  And celebrate we did…


the boys (with our beautiful lady standing in for Leif)


love these two


the girlies (with our man, Billy Joel)


Katrin brought along the German tradition of lead pouring


We each did our own lead pouring and for some reason they always ended up being eggs or sperm….I am going to have to trust Katrin on this one though because my German is a bit rusty. After seeing our individual pieces, we decided it would be fun to combine all of them and re-melt them to see what we would get altogether.  We ended up with the above picture which is definitely a ship…is there a cruise in store for all of us in 2014!?!?


the boys making a toast….the cereal bowls confuse me here…


A great night with great friends.

There were only two not including children who didn’t make it to midnight. One nameless who decided the bathroom was the best place to ring in the year and then of course my “old man” who for the second year in a row passed out (from being tired NOT alcohol consumption) before the clock struck midnight.

Bring on 2014!


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  • Samantha

    Can I just say that I didn't recognize myself in those photos? Apparently it's been a long time since I had straight hair!

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