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My grandma is gone and although it hasn’t set in completely yet (I’ll leave it to our yearly fourth of July party for that to happen) a flood of memories keep rushing to me.  I am so very thankful for each of these special moments with such an amazing lady. 


- The numerous nights spent at grandma and grandpa’s house with just my sister and I.  Sleeping on trundle beds and having a grand time. (Where most of these memories come from.)


- Grandma making cinnamon rolls when we would wake up in the morning and homemade pudding (usually chocolate) at night.


- Walking down to the lake to feed the ducks in the summer.


-  Grandma doing one of our favorite things…playing with our hair and putting it up in her rollers…somewhere there is adorable picture of this.


- Watching “classic” movies at night.  For some reason the one that sticks out in my brain the most was about a bus load of kids who got kidnapped and were held underground??!?


- Routine trips to the local zoo, park, putt-putt place, and so much more.


- Playing Barbie's, the keyboard, and taking grandma and grandpa’s “orders” on notebook paper before “serving” them plastic food goodness.


- Picking out dress patterns for dolls that my oh-so-talented grandma would make for us.  She was by far the most talented seamstress I have ever known.


-And oh the shopping…grandma would take us to the mall to shop all the time.  I remember one time where she and I both were so excited to show mom the “steal” we got on some long length dress pants for me.  I think my love of a good shopping day comes partially from this woman who even went shopping for everyone in the family (all 4 children and spouses, 9 grandkids, and 15 great grandkids) this past Christmas. 


- The moment that I got in big trouble for saying “Grandma and grandpa Starbody are my favorite grandparents.” After getting in trouble I naturally said “Well, it’s true.” This shows not that I have favorite grandparents just how much my grandma and grandpa spoiled me. 


I could go on forever about the numerous family events we have had together, dinners out to eat, phone calls every year on my birthday with grandma and grandpa singing “Happy Birthday to You”, our trip to Alabama, and so much more. 


I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to call this lady “my grandma” and for such a long time. 


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  • Kaitlyn Starbody

    Couldn't have said it better myself sis. She was an amazing wife,mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. We will always have the memories. So blessed to have such a loving family.

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