What I Learned in May and June

I am finally sitting down to write a “What I Learned” post!

If you have never visited Emily Freeman’s blog, read one of her amazing books, or listened to one of her hopeologie podcasts, you are missing out.  Emily hosts a monthly link up devoted to random things bloggers learned in the previous month and it is definitely a favorite of mine.  Since I have been negligent to this space, I will be making this obnoxiously long and cramming in two months worth of lessons.  Enjoy.

Walk1) ALWAYS bring the baby wipes with you.

This little innocent walk quickly turned into a scene from a horror movie when my daughter decided to run with her hands in her pockets and chip her front two teeth.  From now on, no matter how far we are going, I vow to always bring baby wipes to help catch the pools of blood that might happen to show up.

Big Girl Bed2)  How to be resourceful

It is no surprise that I love a good deal.  Naturally when I found this gorgeous headboard/footboard combo for a steal I thought we can surely add some standard side rails and be good to go. Wrong. The hubs and I were sent on a wild goose chase to find something that worked. That something ended up being side rails from Wal-mart put on backwards. Go team!

Giordanos3) The perfect time to go to Giordano’s is approximately two hours before you even think about eating

Nathan was dying to take a trip to the Giordano’s that just opened near us.  We were out running some errands and finished around 4:00pm. When the hubs said he wanted to get some pizza I, being the calm, laid back wife that I am, immediately complained that I wasn’t hungry and stated that no one eats dinner at 4:00pm.  Well my friends, after an hour wait to get in (during which we shopped at the Container Store…bonus) and an hour wait for our pizza to cook, we ate dinner at the perfect time! And then we ate the leftovers for the next three days straight. Yum!

Chalkboard4) Measuring is not our strong suit…

This is our new massive chalkboard wall. At least part of it…I’m ashamed to say the bottom was just about as far off as the top was. Don’t you fret, my OCD ways fixed this within a matter of days.  Anyone wanna hire the Roes for some handi work?!?

HobNob5) HobNob market is Ah-mazing!

The bestie and I experienced our first ever Hobnob market and had a complete blast.  It was raining pretty much the whole time and within approximately five minutes of being there I had dropped some serious cash on a church pew and we had bought a bottle of wine.  It is rather hard to carry a bottle of wine, wine glasses, and umbrella, while shopping and drinking.  No worries, we pretty much have these skills mastered now. I guess you could say we are fast leaners whenever shopping and wine are involved. 

Date Night6) What a slick track is

We just returned from vacation with the Jones’ and mama Roe.  While on vacation we rented a condo on the lake and reminisced about what it used to look like when we had taken our High School Senior Trip there…a long time ago, a long time ago.   One night we got to go on a double date (thanks, mama Roe) and headed out to the go karts for the slick track.  The slick track is basically an oval with faster cars that have roll cages so you can crash into each other (I mean if the teenage worker says it is alright it must be legit, right?).  So. much.fun. Afterwards we also closed down the bar.  By closed down, I mean we were the last of the 6 people there to leave at approximately 11:00pm. Old.

Mean Muggin7) That my daughter is a master mean mugger

That face. Enough said.

Spirea8) What a Spirea is

Next week we have a meeting with our landscape designer for operation: Make Our Backyard an Oasis.  In preparation I have been picking my grandmother’s brain on what every plant in her yard is and what her recommendations are.  It pays to know people with green thumbs.

Mama Duck9) That my daughter will never stop talking about our “mama duck”

This little duck laid eggs in our yard a couple of months ago.  We rightfully named her “Gertrude” after a duck that used to live in my grandmother’s yard.  I kid you not, there is not a week that goes by that Brynzlee doesn’t ask about this duck. “Where’d mama duck go?” “She in the pond?”

Junk10) I will actually buy mold

My love for junk hit a new record. I paid for a moldy, smelly, clock.  As in I gave another person money to buy something when they told me “and it smells a bit.”  That is what they call passion…or stupidity?!?


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  • Kendra

    I'm stopping by from the WIL link-up. I too have learned the hard way to always have wipes on hand. . . yikes! That face on your daughter is hilarious; she is precious!

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