Vegas, Baby!

las vegas

I feel so blessed to be able to go on so many great vacations with our great group of friends.  Our vacation dream team continues to grow and change but we always have an absolute blast!

Love Birds

Amanda and Cody (the bride and groom to be)

This time around the epic trip was in honor of two great people who are gettin’ hitched in July…so of course, we had to do the celebration up right, Vegas style!

A week ago Friday morning, after a hateful Frontier Airlines worker caused us to throw away anything in our luggage that didn’t make it through security instead of just letting us put one of our bags on another flight, we ran to catch our flight and start a much needed vacation.

vegas airport

Needless to say, after nearly missing our flight and having to throw away about $200 worth of product (toothpaste, expensive lotion one of my students had just given me, shaving cream, face wash, hair products, shampoo, sunscreen, aloe vera lotion) we ordered some drinks for our 6:30am flight. 

At our layover in Denver we got to meet the whole group (there were fourteen of us total and I only knew about half of the people before the trip) as well as eat breakfast and drink some mimosas the more appropriate breakfast drink.

Friday in Vegas looked a lot like this:

Monte Carlo

sangrias in hand enjoying the sun

…then we all had quite a few drinks (as in one person’s husband’s might have let his junk hang out not mine and one girl passed out in her hotel room and almost didn’t make it to the concert that night ya, this one was totally me.)

Vegas Bachelorette Tara, me, Amanda, Sami, Alex, Ashlen


Britney was great…you just had to get past the blatantly obvious lip synching

Saturday morning the boys got up early to rent some Jeeps and the girl slept in before doing some sight seeing.

The Strip

Alex, Lindsey, Tara, Amanda, and Sami



gambling and drinking followed, because when in Vegas…

Monte Carlo Lobby

heading out to our group dinner at The Stratosphere

Limo Ride

apparently when you travel in herds it is cheaper to take a limo…baller


eating at the Top of the World restaurant

Sunday included Old Vegas (Freemont Street) during the day and the “official” bachelor/bachelorette parties at night.

freemont street


love this girl!

Thunder from Down Under

A few things: 1) Thunder from Down Under provided one of the best girls nights of my life…so much fun! 2) We took $12 shots before this photo (it took me five gulps to get that shot down!) 3) We look ridiculous in these photos because we are laughing at a lady who face planted right in front of us as the photos were being taken

drunky drunky

epic night with so many stories!

I have so much more that I could add in here but this post is getting a little out of hand.  I will leave you with a few things I learned in Vegas (all of these come from first hand experience or very reliable tales from at least partially drunk friends)

1) If the wasted bachelorette asks for her tiara back you better give it to her.  If not a tempertantrum will ensue.

2) Some women who go topless don’t have nipples?!?!

3) When someone asks you to go on their DIY zip line you say “no” (common sense, yes, but I think it should be thrown out there)

Liberace's Car

Liberace’s Swarovski encrusted car

4) Live like Liberace and buy nice things

5) Cherish every minute you get with friends

And one thing I didn’t learn…how the heck do those people on the street look like they are sitting on air?!?! 

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