The Mud Room

We have been in our house for about a year and a half now and I am still constantly finding things I love about it. It has been a blast making this home our own and adding the little finishing touches. I still have a lot I want to do in order to add more “old” to the “new” but we are getting there.

Last summer we finished one of the projects for the house that has been a favorite of mine ever since. 

It all started how every good thing starts…with a little antique shopping…

Old Wood

Last Spring, on my annual girls trip to Ohio, I found these beauties.  The picture does not do them justice at all and I am not sure what their previous use was.  They are way too tall to be bed rails but possibly part of an old massive door frame? 

I had no idea what I was going to do with them but for $15 a piece, I wasn’t leaving them there. 

They sat in our mud room for quite awhile simply because that is the room closest to our garage so that is where they were dropped off. 

Sidenote: I should mention we currently have a 10 foot old beam hanging out on our living room floor until inspiration strikes…my husband loves my crazy purchases…

Then it hit me that they needed to be hung on the wall they had been leaning against for the past several months to frame out a chalkboard wall.  I wanted a place where I could write notes for my family to read before we left the house each day.  Mostly a place where we could be reminded of great scripture and messages from church sermons. 

We bought wood beams to frame out the other two sides, stain, and chalkboard paint.  It is amazing how much more we spent on the new wood than the old wood. 

When we were done staining, measuring, cutting, nailing, etc. we ended up with this…



I don’t mean to brag but we are pretty good at measuring. Haha! The hubs added the finishing touch of “DONE” after we laughed off how far off we had been. 

After fixing our mistakes and the all important “priming” step of rubbing chalk into all the pores before erasing and then washing it off…we had a beautiful wall that serves it’s purpose rather nicely.

Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard Wall Details

Mud Room Door

Mud Room

More finishing touches from different antique finds were added to complete the room.  The metal scoops were from 3rd Sunday Market and were the perfect place to hold our chalk and erasers.  The “ROE” letters were another 3rd Sunday find that I was going to paint but then fell in love with the coral color. 

If it is wrong to love you mud room, this gal doesn’t want to be right. Smile

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