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So a little while ago I was inspired by this post by my BFF, Erin.  I love her honesty when she says, “I kindly yell at my husband to take a picture of me for blogging purposes while he is in mid-bite of his sandwich. He kindly obliges after I remind him that no pictures equal no money.” So this little blog isn’t making any moolah but I still decided I would try her method out and see what happened….I mean c’mon what girl doesn’t want to act like a model in her own back yard?!?

Anyway, I asked the hubs kindly on the way home from church and would you believe it he agreed to be my personal photographer for the day. Of course this means I have to now delete a million photos from my camera because he thinks it is hilarious to just point and click…repeatedly…but I will take what I can get.


coat: Jessica Simpson via Macy’s

When you work four days a week at a uniformed job, then wear sweatpants on your day off, Sunday quickly becomes one of the best days to dust off that cute wardrobe of yours and dress up (true story: jeans used to be my staple Sunday outfit.)


skirt: TJ Maxx


Jacket: Target, Scarf: Five Below

Yep, I went there…I was the awkward girl getting photographed in her yard and you know what it wasn’t that bad.  I am sure it will be a different story in the summer when people are actually outside in their yards…that is if I can get my husband to do this again…bribing might have to be involved.  One added bonus of this is that Nathan will be learning to be a better cameraman…maybe next time we can even get a shot with shoes in it. :)


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  • Patty

    Sweet post Kristin! You look pretty in your Sunday clothes.

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