In the craziness that has been life this past week, I find it odd that as I sit down to write this it is almost the exact time last week that I got the phone call that my grandpa Starbody (my dad’s father) had passed away.


grandpa on my wedding day

Two weekends ago, hours before our family came into town for Zella’s baptism, I got a call from my dad.  He told me that grandpa was in the hospital again and made it known that this time it wasn’t good.  After a few days had passed and I was told that they had put grandpa on hospice.

Thankfully, my work was amazing and I was able to immediately pack up the girls and our dogs and make my way over to Illinois to see grandpa on Wednesday night. 

Even though grandpa was asleep when I visited him Wednesday night and again on Thursday, I found great comfort in being with him and being able to talk to him and my family in that hospital room.  The last thing I said to grandpa before leaving his room Thursday night  was “Jesus loves you grandpa. It’s ok.” 

Grandpa passed away the next day on Friday, March 24th.  All four of his kids and one of his sisters were by his side when he took his last breath. 

It breaks my heart not to have grandma and grandpa here on this earth with us but I find great comfort in knowing that they are together again.

I feel incredibly blessed to have had the time I did with these two amazing people.  I love looking at the legacy they created in their children, their children’s children, and their great grandchildren.  I miss them both each and every day but I know that I will see them again.

God is good, all the time. 


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  • karen

    thank you Kristin! They loved you so very much. They will be missed. I love reading your blogs....

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