Shopping hiatus

If you know anything about me, you know I have a slight “problem” with shopping (see further the “My Addiction” category of the blog.) This problem only gets worse with having a day off in the middle of the week (the perfect time to shop for deals.)

Recently the hubs put me on a strict budget when it came to shopping (it went something like: “If we don’t need it, don’t buy it.) This is very understandable when we are about to put money down on a trip to Vegas pinch me it is really happening…the most epic bachelor/bachelorette party is officially going to go down in May!

I must say I have done very well with the whole no shopping thing it helps when the weather is so cold you just wanna stay wrapped in a blanket in front of the fireplace all day. The problem is pinterest and television and blogs throw things in my face and I immediately “gotta have” a new outfit. (Yes, I could just stay away from these things but where is the fun in that?!!?) Example: I have been crushing on tight, cropped pants with a good pair of heels. I try not to think about this “crush” but then every time we sit down to watch one of our favorite shows: Hollywood Game Night…which is hilarious by the way….BOOM! in my face cute outfits screaming “You can’t have me.”


Seriously, adding the pleather and funky zippers too….not fair HGN, not fair…

What is a girl to do? Well, I haven’t given in….yet. 

I decided instead I would “shop my closet” and pray it didn’t let me down.  You see, I am what people call a “planner” and with cowboy/cowgirl day coming up at school tomorrow and co-hosting a #siphappensparty in the PM a fancy excuse to drink wine and blog about it…stay turned for the write up I needed optimal time today to prepare the perfect outfits.

So with pleather, chunky zippers, cropped skinny jeans, and killer heels on the brain…here is a sneak peak of my outfit for the party:


thanks closet….I never doubted you…

I also tried out a new part that I am kinda digging. Ready to drink some wine and hang out with some of the besties.  



  • Samantha

    You mean I don't get to wear PJs tomorrow? AND I have to shower? ;)

  • Bekah

    I'd love to come shop in your closet. Or drink your wine. Just saying. Super cute and fun!! :)

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