Ryker Eugene-3 Years

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The facts:

- Stats: 31.6 lbs (49%); 37and a half inches tall (51%)

- Your taste in music is expanding.  You can often be found trying to teach yourself the words to a new song.  Today you wore a Johnny Cash shirt and we listened to “Burning Ring of Fire” by the second chorus you were already singing along with “burns, burns, burns.” 

- Your current favorite bedtime song is “This Little Light of Mine.”


-You are almost completely potty trained.  We still put you in a pull-up at bedtime but this is mainly because you wake up and play so quietly that we can’t always get you to potty right away.

- You enjoy playing by yourself but also like to team up with one or both of your sisters at a time.

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- We still can barely get you to eat vegetables. Stinker. Black beans, sometimes corn, and sometimes carrots are about the extent of your tolerance.

- You are so interested in sports.  You love to be out playing in the yard with any type of ball.  Your most recent favorite is golf, probably brought on by your recent visit to papa’s putting green.

- You still LOVE animals.  We often have to step in and tell you to give the dogs a break. Every night when you go to bed you give everyone hugs and call down to the dogs, “good night, Bentley” and “good night, Roxy.”

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- You are starting to recognize some of your letters. You get so excited to point out any letters you know.  You are one smart cookie.

- We have been keeping your hair longer.  I got talked into cutting it shorter this time for the warmer weather.  You look so different. The day after your haircut, you looked in the mirror and told your dad “I don’t like my hair.”

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You are such a sweet kid, Ryker Eugene. You are getting taller and smarter everyday. We love you so very much, three year old!



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  • Grandma Bee

    He is the cutest! I love seeing the pictures!

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