Ryker Eugene- 8 Months


The Facts:

- This month you had your first ear infection.  It was a double ear infection at that and has put you on your third different antibiotic to try and defeat all this gunk that has been taking you down.

- You got your first tooth this month! We had suspected it was coming the whole week and then we went out to a movie with your sisters and came back to Ms. Lejila telling us you had a tooth popping through!


- You are army crawling and so proud of yourself for it.

- You love your mama.  You give me the biggest hugs and your whole face lights up when I walk in the room.

- You are “talking” more and more.  I love to hear you mimic the sounds we make.  I really think your voice sounds a lot like Zella’s.


- Your laugh is a mixture of a squeal and a grunt. 

- Although you went back to waking up about once a night, you can often be found rolling around on the floor of the living room until you pass out for the evening.


- You are still a very laid back baby.  You are usually pretty content to just sit and watch your sisters playing.  You LOVE them and they make you laugh so hard!

- You tried out the walker this month and are a fan.  It didn’t take you long to figure out it can get you where you want to go and fast…including to the Christmas tree. :)


Ryker Roe, we love you so very, very much! You make our life so chaotic and yet so much more enjoyable at the same time.  You are a perfect fit, little man!




  • Grandma Kathy

    Love you Ryker!!

  • Grandma Bee

    Love all his happy smiling pictures!

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