Ryker Eugene- 4 Months


The Facts:

- You started rice cereal for the first time this week.  You are a fan. You take about an ounce at a time right now. 

- You are rolling over a lot.  You have done it on both sides from back to belly and the other night, while no one was watching, you rolled from belly to back.  Such a strong young man.


- You had your first trip to the State Fair today to celebrate your fourth month of life.

- You smile all the time…except when you are hungry.

- You burry your face in your momma’s arms when you are tired and fall right to sleep.  It melts my heart every time!


- You constantly have your fingers in your mouth and love to gnaw on them.

- You typically sleep at night from 9:00pm until about 9:00am.  You are almost always the last one up in our house.


- You have been working on your grasp and can even hold toys pretty well.

- Your neck strength is continuing to improve and you hold your head up for longer periods of time.  I think you are almost ready for the bumpo seat.


- You want to be around everyone else.  If we are eating dinner, you aren’t content unless you are sitting in your rocking seat right next to us. 

- You love when your sisters ask to hold you.  You just stare up at them and grin.  You also soothe to them singing to you. It is pretty adorable.

IMG_0783[1]Ryker Eugene, you make our lives crazy and perfect at the same time.  We love you more than you will ever know!




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  • Karen

    He is growing so fast! He is toooo cute. I think he looks like brynn!

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