Ryker Eugene- 3 Months


The Facts:

- You are sleeping through the night! Lately, after your last bottle, you have been falling asleep on the floor in our living room all by yourself.  We then move you up to your room for the night. 

- You are also usually the last one up in the mornings.  We have to wake you up to go to school during the week.


- Your teachers found out that you are a fan of the sleep sack.  Your naps at school are typically somewhere between 30 minutes and a hour long.

- We switched you to a medium nipple this week and you are downing bottles with it.  You still take 6 ounces every 3 hours.


- You are not a huge fan of tummy time.  You will usually only last about 5-10minutes before you are mad and over it.

- You love to stretch out and lay on your back.  There have been a couple of times where you almost rolled onto your side while on your play mat.

- You still enjoy watching your sisters.  Watching the three of you all smiling at each other is just precious.


- You still smile a lot.  Usually I can get you to smile right away when I ask you to say “mama” or when I run my fingers over the sides of your face.  You are just so sweet!

- You are working hard on perfecting your reach.  Lately you have started trying to grab at things.  It is hilarious and adorable to watch.  You currently favor your right arm with this.


- You hardly ever spit up but you do some serious spitting/drooling.

It is pretty uncommon for your shirt to be dry.

- You are such a chill baby! The other day your class was very hectic after “water play.”  Mommy walked in to help get babies out of wet clothes and you didn’t make a peep.  No crying, no tears, nothing, just taking in all the excitement. IMG_0724[1]We love you more than you will ever know, Ryker Gene!



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