Ryker Eugene- 2 months


The Facts:

- You are sleeping about 5-6 hours at a time at night.  We are hoping to get you sleeping through the night soon.

- You started school last week and have done great except for sleeping.  You are not a fan of taking naps in a crib and have been averaging 30 min sleeps at school. 


- You are currently taking about 6 ounces of formula every three hours.

- You are not a huge fan of the pacifier and will usually only take it to soothe an upset tummy.


- You smile a LOT.  Your smile lights up your whole face! We love to see you show off those two dimples.

- You have started “talking” a lot more and even giggle sometimes.

- You burp and fart like a boy.  They are often loud and stinky.


- You are such a chill baby and can often be found sitting watching the crazy in our house. (Your sisters running around or dancing.)

- You love your momma and will usually calm to my voice.

- You met your grandma Bee this past weekend which means you have now met all of your living great grandparents. I think it is safe to say they all love you to pieces.


We love you so much happy boy!



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  • Betty Mullink

    Elated to finally get to see this sweet baby in person. Thanks for bringing him to visit me. Love your family!

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