Ryker Eugene- 1 Month

Ryker Eugene,

You are the cutest little man I have ever laid eyes on. We are so blessed to call you ours. 


The Facts:

- At your one month check-up this week you had the following stats: Height 21.5” (62%) Weight 9lb 10oz (54%) Head circumference 15.75” (99%)

- You are working on those neck muscles and do a pretty good job holding your head up.


- These past two weeks have been a challenge.  You have been fighting some mean BM’s that are making your bottom raw.  We have tried a number of things and the Dr. finally switched your formula to soy and it seems to be working. 


- You usually stick to sleeping for three hours at a time.  This week you had a few rough nights but I think it was more so that you would wake yourself up because your bottom was bothering you.  Today you slept for five hours straight and are sleeping again.  I am a little nervous about what that will mean for your first car ride to IL tonight. 

- You almost always smile as you are falling asleep. My favorite!  Today you also smiled at mommy quite a bit after your bottle and five hour nap.  I may have let out happy tears as I stared at you.  It is so good to have you feeling better. 


- You have also battled with clogged tear ducts from time to time.  They seem to have cleared up for now.

- I love it when you still ball yourself up on my chest.  I soak in every moment of this that I can!


- You are so bright eyed and love to take in what is going on around you.  During the day it might be a ceiling fan but when your sisters are home and talking to you, you love to stare back at them.  

- We currently call you “Ryker” or “Ryker Gene”  with the occasional “Little man” or “Dude.”  Zella has called you “Ryker Roe” on several occasions as well.

- You often have your dad’s “shakes” when you are falling asleep. You did this in the womb and will still be found with your leg or arm trembling as you drift off to sleep.  

IMG_0662[1]You are such a sweet little boy and perfect addition to our crazy family.  I am so thankful that God blessed us with you. 


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