Proud Sister

Bryn and Zella

I think Bryn’s face says it all. 

This three year old has claimed Zella as “her baby” and is smitten with her.

Brynzlee loves to give Zella kisses, touch/pet her, be near her all the time, and help out with whatever she can.  I think her favorite thing so far is helping to pick out clothes for Zella to wear.  Such a little momma. 

big sister

Brynzlee’s first time holding Zella

Big Sis


helping to give Zella her first bath



the pediatrician let Bryn help check Zella’s vitals



helping daddy get the car seat ready to go home



my sweet girls

I feel incredibly grateful that this transition into a family of four has gone pretty smoothly.  Brynzlee has been a big help and I am amazed at how well she has adapted to a new baby and a new school all at the same time.  Now if we can just get rid of he awful threenager fits…

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