Project: Junk Wall

Truth be told: I can’t handle “blah” walls.  White walls disgust me.  Huge empty walls irritate me.  I have a problem.  Hence the reason why the first thing we did in our new house was to paint every single room. 

Ok, that is a lie. We also hung light fixtures because hello, you can’t paint in the dark.  Think I am joking?


How much paint does it take to paint a whole house? Answer: About three cans more than this. 

We have two rooms in our house that have white walls. Our fourth bedroom that will hopefully one day be a nursery, and our half bath downstairs.  See where I am going with this?

I didn’t realize it when we were building this house but the walls are massive.  Our old house had such perfect walls for hanging a picture or a few grouped objects for a perfect look. This house, you hang a picture and it is floating in the middle of an empty wall.  What is a girl to do but to take on each vast surface one wall at a time.

I started with one of our living room walls since we are in this room the most.  I knew I wanted to do a gallery wall in our front office and was left brainstorming what else I could do take up a lot of room on the space behind our couch. 


This picture is awful as it was taken off of a video, but it gives you an idea of the size and location of the wall.  We walk past it everyday to get to our garage, our TV is on the adjacent wall, and you can see it from our kitchen.  Something had to be done.

And then inspiration hit…on instagram.


This church pew needed to be mine.  It was a perfect size to start a Junk Wall! Brilliant.  I love antiques and everything old so why not display those items?!?!

With my bestie in tow, in the pouring rain, we walked into our first Hobnob market about an hour after it opened.  Even before getting our bottle of wine, we booked it to Little Red Porch’s booth my heart pounding at the thought that it might be “sold.”  After nearly fainting of sticker shock, I pulled it together only to fork over the money to such an amazingly talented local artist and haven’t regretted it since.

Several months later, after lots more antique hunting, I had collected enough to start on the Junk Wall.  My only question, How in the world do you start on a Junk Wall?!?

After researching and mustering up some courage to tackle the beast, I decided to trace the objects that I had on brown paper to visualize the space. Best. Idea. Ever. 

Junk Wall Planning

Don’t be fooled. These stayed taped to my wall for weeks before any holes were actually made in the wall. I was able to easily move things around several times to see where the perfect fit was.  And move them around I did…

Junk Wall in Progress

And then, while further questioning positioning, some of the paper remained on our wall for another couple of weeks. A huge thanks to all of our friends that came over and pretended not to notice the painters tape and wrapping paper hanging out on the walls. You guys rock.

Here is where we are at currently. I am sure it will continue to grow and change.

Junk Wall

You can tell that I am partial to the look and feel of old wood.  I also tried to incorporate a variety of colors, shapes, and materials to switch it up.  The “Home” sign will eventually have to go because it is just not old enough for a Junk Wall, but for now it works.  The “R” will eventually be centered as well. Baby steps, folks. :)

Junk Wall Elements

I am obsessed with the variety of textures on the wall and love the movement of the pieces as they seem to float up the wall. 

My junk wall. My work in progress that is way better than emptiness and gives me a great excuse to buy more antiques.

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