Our Story Part Two

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picture circa 2005

After I made the first move, we started talking quite frequently on AIM as well as the phone.  Erin still hated me but life was slightly better. 

One Saturday, a few months after we first started talking, I was out walking with a friend in my neighboring town that happened to be where Nathan’s parents lived. I got a call from Nathan who was back home for break because of his college’s trimesters asking me to come over.  I told him I refused to come over because I was convinced his family hated me after what happened between Erin and I.  He assured me that no one else was there so I told him I would be over in a few. 

Now, the Roe house was a split level and no one ever knocked to get in, you simply walked in and said hello.  I walked in and went down to Nathan’s room.  A few minutes after getting there Nathan’s mom and sister walked down to say good-bye on their way to the garage to take a trip to see Erin at school.  You could tell they were as shocked to see me as I was to see them.  I was furious at Nathan for lying to me but at the same time it was a little bit cute when he said “well, you wouldn’t have come if I told you they were here.”

In December the game changed a bit because everyone else came home for Christmas break as well.  My relationship with Erin got a little better during that break because once again we all hung out together at the famous Roe house. 

One particular night we were all playing games in the living room (Nathan cheating as usual.)  We both had friends there as well as his family but we didn’t care. We were flirting so much that his dad even mentioned it the next day.  I remember sitting on the couch next to him putting my leg next to his to see whose was longer (I’ll be the first to admit height is one of the first things I notice in a guy.)  I was on cloud nine.

After Christmas break Nathan and I went back to talking on the phone and online.  Erin and I were talking a bit online as well, although still not very friendly. I remember one particular time Erin told me that Nathan said he, “didn’t do high school.” Meaning I supposedly didn’t stand a chance for another year but boy did he eat his words.

Nathan came home several weekends over the next couple months.  We went to a few movies together (which I made one of my friends tag along to each time.) He even came over to my parent’s house to join my friends and I  in watching a movie.  This moment makes me laugh because all of my friends were sitting on the couch with me when he got there and he ended up sitting in my parent’s lazy boy off by himself for the whole movie…I didn’t even move next to him…I guess I took things very slow.

Soon after all of this I got a message from Erin saying “I heard you are dating my brother.”  This shows you how romantic my hubby is.  We had never discussed being “boyfriend and girlfriend” but apparently it was made official to his family. Haha! I love to tease him about this. 

We went on our first official date together in May of 2005 to see our high school’s musical: Anything Goes.  It was my first real date.  He came to the door of my parent’s house, introduced himself, and drove me up the street to our high school…magical stuff I tell ya.  We even went out with a group of my friends afterwards. I loved every minute of it. 

The summer of 2005 was spent getting my best friend back, getting ready for college, and getting to know Nathan…we even had our first kiss and told each other “I love you.” Remember how I said our story is not a sweet little story….our first kiss happened after Nathan and his friend had a beer drinking contest at the only bar in my home town then showed up at my house with Nathan barely able to stand up…liquid courage?!?!

Kenny Concert

Kenny Chesney concert in the summer of 2005

That summer was another one for the record books.  I had an absolute blast. 

That August I made the big move to Normal, IL to attend Illinois State University.  On the night before I left Nathan came over to my parent’s house like normal.  We talked about how things were going to be different with spending less time together than we did during the summer.  (He was returning to Terre Haute, IN for school and would be about a three and a half hour drive away with the time change.)  I remember sitting on the couch talking about all of this and starting to get upset as he held me and cried along with me.  I had never seen him cry before and I will never forget that feeling of being so loved by such a great guy. 

To be continued…


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