Our Story Part One

One of the blogs I follow, Little Miss Momma, has a series of ongoing posts about her and her husband’s “Love Story.”  If you haven't checked it out you should, it definitely reads like a romance novel…something only found in the movies. 

Ever since I started reading her posts I have wanted to document Nathan and I’s story.  I love the idea of having a written history for our kiddos to look back on.  Since we are coming up on our fifth year anniversary this weekend I thought, what better time then now to buckle down and write this sucker. 


picture circa 2008

A few warnings: 1) our story doesn’t read like a beautiful sweet little story…that just isn’t us 2) our story involves a third person, one whom our story couldn’t be written without (I guess I could say a third and a fourth person here because the Lord really had a hand in all of this too…anyway, you will see what I mean.)

I give you our story:

Picture 011

high school buddies hanging out in the Roe basement: Denise, Erin, me, and Casey

We have to start at the beginning, the very beginning…the year was 2004, I was a Junior in high school and I was taking a Family and Consumer Science class (obviously for the cookies that we made every week…yum!) Little did I know that that class would change the rest of my life…literally (and not because I can make a mean sugar cookie now.)

It was this class that led me to a group of friends who quickly became my besties, the ones I did everything with. In our small town everything meant chillin’ at someone’s house, driving down country roads, going to the occasional football game, and pretty much entertaining ourselves.  

In this group it just happened that we would always hang out at my friend Erin’s parent’s house.  Her mom and dad always welcomed us with open arms, food on the table, and lots of laughter. 

Erin, who was a year older than me, was the youngest of four Roe kids.  Even though we all went to the same tiny high school, I was the oldest in my family and knew nothing about her older siblings. Well, I knew that their pictures all hung on the gallery wall at her parent’s house, one of them was married with kids and lived on his own, and the other two were at college. 

I remember that gallery wall fondly.  It had all four of the kids’ senior high school portraits as well as other family photos scattered about.  One picture always stood out, that cute guy that was a brother but I couldn’t remember his name or if he was the one who was married or what.

Anyway, the summer came around and “that cute guy”, Nathan, moved back home even though he was often away on work trips or hanging out with his friends from high school.

The Roe house was still the hang out place and usually had a dinner table full of a wide variety of friends of Erin and Nathan.  My high school heart was happy to just look from afar and have the occasional dinner with my secret crush…and everyone else and their dog….besides I was too busy goofing off with my besties to care that much about something that was never going to turn into anything….especially when Nathan would often hermit to the basement (his room) immediately after finishing a meal that his friends were not in attendance to.

The great thing about his room in the basement is that when he was away Erin usually let us sneak down there to play his Xbox (like I said there was not much to do in our small town but Xbox tennis was where it was at!) His room also happened to be the perfect spot to drink alcohol without getting noticed so we hung out there quite a bit.

Casey's Pics 012

my Rinny and I the summer of 2004

That summer was one of the best.summers.ever.  I loved hanging out with my friends and enjoyed the excitement of wondering if I would see Nathan that day or not.  I also remember one particular occasion where I somehow managed to talk Erin into letting me steal one of Nathan’s sweatshirts to wear…a high school girl’s dream come true. :)

Side note: Nathan just read this and called me “creepy” for stealing his stuff

the girls

proof that I wasn’t the only “creepy” one…we are all wearing his shirts in this picture although I don’t remember why

Through all our times hanging out I never once mentioned my crush to anyone in that group of friends.  How awkward to talk about someone’s sibling like that?!?!

That fall, the start of my Senior year when Erin moved away to college, one of Nathan’s friends who had often hung out with our group of girls developed a crush on me.  Long story short I was naïve, never had a serious boyfriend before, and liked the feeling of being liked even though I wasn’t really into him.  I started hanging out with him which ultimately broke-up my relationship with my best friend, Erin. 

I was in really bad place. I ended anything I had with the guy and basically sulked about losing a person in my life who was so dear to me.  Someone I had had the best of times with, my Rinny.

With that mindset I decided one night while on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger for those not familiar with this oh so cool 90’s program) that I had nothing to lose.  I snooped around my other friend’s screen names and somehow found Nathan’s.

I immediately messaged him (before I changed my mind) with a simple “hey, you're hot.”  (To the point right?) He of course responded with “I know” and “who is this.” 

To Be Continued…



  • Samantha @ Cotten Tales

    This is hilarious... and a little creepy. ;) Can't wait to read Part Two!

  • Amanda Parkinson

    Love that you are sharing your and Nathan's love story! I literally laughed out loud at the last part, now hurry up and keep writing!!!

  • Bekah

    OMG hilarious! Sweet high school memories and I die at how young y'all look!!

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