Our Little Toddler

Brynzlee (2)

Let me tell you about our sweet little girl. 


This morning I found her awake in her crib with books in her bed.  She had reached outside of her crib and grabbed them off of the bookshelf that is beside it.  Stinker.  It is her new thing now too because she did it tonight when we put her in her crib for repeatedly biting us.


Yep! Tonight she was biting just for the heck of it.  Yesterday she bit (and broke my skin) because I told her she had to get off of her potty.  That really happened.


Best of all, this morning she locked me out of the house. No joke. I went outside to grab our dog who was barking at the men building the houses across the street.  Sidenote: We currently have to let our dogs out our front door because our backyard has no grass yet.  I closed the door behind me so that she wouldn’t get cold and by the time I got the dog back up on our porch she had turned the lock on the knob. 


To make matters worse: as I was trying to open the door (you know with all the workers across the street laughing at me…I don’t know that for a fact but one can only assume) my lovely daughter smiles then sticks out her tongue and presses it up against the glass in our sidelight window.  As if to say, “Gotcha, sucker.” 


I’ve heard about how terrible age two and three are but really?!? This can’t be happening to my little baby girl. 


The funny thing is that even right after she says “NO!” my heart can almost immediately melt again when she does something as cute as asks to play Ring Around the Rosie.


Oh, little toddler of ours.  We are in trouble.


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  • Amy

    I probably shouldn't think this is funny...for fear of payback, but I can't help it. Haha! She is a riot and I can't wait to see how she uses her personality as she gets older.

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