Old Wood

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

I have a problem…I think I have a slight obsession with old wood.

The more distressed, with chipped paint and stains, the better.  Case in point…



no that is not dust on that table…





I don’t know how you could look at those pictures and not have your heart start to flutter.

It may be I’m crazy….it may be due to the fact that I was raised by a lady who once walked along the beach and picked up a large piece of driftwood and asked if she should take it home for decoration if I get to that point we might need to stage an intervention.  There is just something about old wood that does it for me.

Today…my first Thursday in over a month that I was able to go out and get my shop on…I found a little gem at Home Goods.  Although the wood is only made to look old, I still fell in love.


the store clerk named her “Bambi” for me

Now, you are probably thinking:

1) this girl is insane (yes, my husband would agree)

2) It is too soon for Christmas decorations (No worries, I will wait until after Thanksgiving to put it out)

3) If this lady were a better mother than a shopper she would know that this type of decoration is not appropriate for a little one who will be mobile at that time. (I’m an excellent shopper..what can I say?)

4) That is so cute! (I know, right?!)

Whatever you are thinking I feel better with my addiction off my chest…now I can just sit at this stage of “recovery” for awhile right? I don’t see a stop to my purchasing of old wood anytime soon…I’m sure the husband (who will be getting back soon from his work trip) sees things differently.

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