Ohio is for….Shoppers

Ooooppps, we did it again.  Another shopping trip to Ohio=mo’ money spent.

First up on our fabulous journey…IKEA (of course.) We had to see just how much we could fit in an Escape with four girls before we piled on the bags from the outlet mall. 

This, this is how much….

(picture stolen from Sami)

For the most part I behaved at IKEA for two reasons 1) When you have had FOUR $700+ expenses in the past month and a half (one birthday party, one diamond my daughter just happens to have the most expensive birthstone ring, one new set of golf clubs, and one new circuit board for our furnace) you tend to cut back 2) I knew the outlet mall was up next.

First up was an idea that came from pinterest. This solution helped me store my wrapping paper tubes that are too long to fit in the bin I usually keep them in.


theirs: mine ($1.99 well spent)

Next up: the soon-to-be gallery wall.  I have known that I wanted a gallery wall in our house for a long time now (I blame the one that used to be in the Roe house…the time I first found out my best friend had a hot brother.)  I have found some great “pinspiration” for my future wall and finally decided that it didn’t need to be perfectly laid out I can just start it and see where it takes me.

gallery wall

my dream gallery wall: just the beginning (even more reason to pick up some cute pieces at 3rd Sunday this year!)


I had been on the hunt for some new bathmats for our master bathroom.  The ones we had were from our wedding registry and I loved that they were reversible for different textures, but they were starting to get grungy. These microfiber bad boys were on sale for $9.99 a piece! I the color that lightens up our small space (our old ones were brown) and the fact that they soak up water like it is their j-o-b.


This, new to IKEA, plant pot made me fall in love.  I picture moss grass, Easter eggs, ceramic bunnies, and maybe a cute Easter-related sign sticking out of it for the holiday.

I got a few other small items and left with two items on the brain for next time.


valet stand: clock

The $13 valet stand was the perfect solution to housing my ever growing scarf/necklace/belt collection…but they were sold out.  The clock is beautiful but $50.  They do have a smaller version in cream for $20 but it was also sold out.  I will remain on the hunt for one of these to add to my gallery wall.

After 4+ hours of looking at IKEA displays, helping to spend each other’s money, making bad decisions, eating lunch, swerving around the store with all of our carts (I am pretty sure between the four of us we had six carts to check out), and stuffing the car full…we were ready to…SHOP the outlet mall.

We all swooned over all the little baby clothes and as usual brought home bags and bags full of clothes for our little princesses. Bryn’s closet now looks like this…


  …to be fair, most of those clothes are gifts from Christmas…but…yes, the tags are the new stuff…spoiled!

Don’t worry I spoiled myself a little bit too.  Hey, what is a girl to do when Coach is having 50%-70% off everything with an extra 10% off on top of that?!? I thought it was safe to go in because, lets face it this mama’s cute purse days are over- it is all about the diaper bag now, but I was wrong.  And to top it off North Face was selling their fleeces for $40…that is cheaper than I got mine at Marshals for! To say “no” would have been a sin…


Needless to say we all had a great time and will be returning for another trip before too long. We ended the day with dinner at Champps, some wine, and the colts game before heading home to our families.  A day well spent before being trapped in the house by this winter storm. 


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  • Katrin

    Love the gift wrapping paper bin aka plastic bag dispenser. We have one in our pantry however it fell down after a day. Not sure if I need to find some stronger tape to attach to the wall. Hope yours stays up better!
    Love the other finds and deals as well!!!

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