My Drugs of Choice

“I’m addicted, it’s a crisis.”


Alright, it isn’t a crisis as Ke$ha would call it.  I can’t believe I just referenced Ke$ha on my blog but the song popped in my head and it is catchy. Sorry.


Today I thought I would share some of the things that are currently serving as a substitute for my addiction to shopping. Because that is one expensive drug!


Banana Dippers


- Dole Banana Dippers.  There are no words to describe how good these frozen little guys are.  There is also an added bonus that they have kept me away from my previous addiction of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream. Substituting addictions seems to be my thing.  


Throw Blanket


- Amazing throw blankets. I have been pretty good about not spending money recently but when I saw this Queen sized (perfect size for sharing) throw on clearance at TJ Maxx a few weeks back, I knew it had to be mine.   Wrapped up in this with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand is probably how you will find me tomorrow with this whole winter storm/super bowl thing going on.


- My new Dottie Couture shirt.  Wow, I really am not doing well with this whole not shopping idea, aren’t I. 


A few weeks back I was asked to join some ladies for breakfast and to explore the new Dottie Couture boutique for its grand opening.  I am not one to turn down girl time so I found myself standing in an outrageous line to buy this oh-so-fabulous shirt that I totally copied from Jessica. If you have never checked out her blog, you are missing out.  She has incredible taste! Thanks Jessica, for letting me be that creepy person who buys the same shirt as you.


- Speaking of my new shirt…I will be wearing it tonight to Date Night! (Pictures to come) I can’t tell you how excited I am to get out of the house and enjoy some margaritas with friends.  We even hired a babysitter. That never happens. 




- The banisters. This sounds like a weird obsession but I am seriously in love with these beauties.  Sure the whole dust thing is annoying but I find myself just staring at them they are so gosh darn cute.


- Sam Smith’s voice. If you haven’t listened to this CD yet, do yourself a favor and head over to Spotify to do just that.  Personal faves (besides the whole CD) Like I Can and Leave Your Lover.




- Our barstools. They aren’t here yet folks but the wait is almost over! We ordered these before Christmas but since they are considered custom they won’t be delivered until mid-to-late February.  I.can’t.wait!


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  • Val@ChickenScratch

    I LOVE your banisters!! I'm so jealous! I want rod iron so bad but I can't seem to make that project move to high priority on our project list.
    So glad you came out to that ridiculous opening of Dottie!!
    Oh and I can't even wait to see a photo of those amazing bar stools in your new home!

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