Life at 31 weeks…

Happy Presidents’ Day!  I am kinda in love with the fact that I have had the day off to finish putting our house back together, relax, and be a bit of a bum.  This past week our house has been a bit chaotic.  We finally got the four bedrooms re-carpeted and it looks amazing!  This nester is excited to be able to finally be organizing things and getting a nursery ready!


The above picture is day one of the chaos.  It is amazing how many things you can “collect” living in a house for just three years.  I was so thankful for great friends to help move all of our heavy bedroom furniture because this momma-to-be’s strength wasn’t going to cut it. 



The nastiness that was our “before” carpet. 


My attempt at a good shot of the “after” in our painted nursery. :)


Another “after” shot with our new ikea bookshelf!  After cleaning out our rooms to make room for our little miss, we discovered we had a lot of books to house somewhere…not to mention all of my books at school that will be coming home soon….more on that later…and this prompted a day trip to Ohio for some much needed shopping time.  It was FABULOUS!  Sami and I found an outlet mall that might be my new favorite.  I also might have dropped money on an amazing baby sale at The Children’s Place and a new North Face coat that was a deal too good to pass on.  Did I mention I am a sucker for a good sale. :)

Speaking of buying my first baby clothes…I figured I should give you a look at what Brynzlee’s room is looking like these days.  It is quickly becoming my favorite place to sit and hang out. :) IMG_2481[1]

The glider and a new pillow from Crate&Barrel.  You can also see a glimpse of the window treatments I picked up at Ikea this weekend. 



The Ikea bookshelf I purchased back in November…at the yearly trip…I finally got to put together!


A bump pic…because it has been awhile and I am definitely growing.  My doctor told me I need to slow down in the weight gaining department….I think the two boxes of thin mints I just bought should help with this. :)


A sneak peek at the art project I have ahead of me for above the crib….which is in the process of being painted!

At 31 weeks I am looking forward to a wonderful shower with friends and family next weekend! I can’t wait to see everyone and marvel at adorable little girl things! The weekend after next we have our childbirth preparation class and the week after that we are getting a few pics done by this fabulous lady…it pays to have friends who ROCK at photography. :)  I still can’t complain about being sick, although I did throw up in my mouth a bit one morning…too much?!? :) I have still had heartburn….a lot…and am getting uncomfortable a lot more.  Bryn is moving like crazy and I am pretty sure we could feel her head the other night…our little miracle. :) Some things that I am loving on right now….


My friend from good ole IL, Kelly, introduced me to Lush.  This store is in the “ritzy” mall that I don’t usually go in because everything is so overpriced, and its smell is overwhelming…to say the least.  She talked me into going in where a lady gave me an arm/ hand massage with one of these and I fell in love.  I know it says edible but that grosses me out….I use it to stop my skin from being an itchy mess and it is a great excuse for Nathan to give me a massage.  I picked this one because the scent is not too strong…it can’t be that bad because Nathan is willing to touch it. :)

AND my life savers….


I pop these babies daily like they are going out of style. :)

That is all I have for you.  Be ready for a shower update sometime next week…I am off to eat some thin mints and watch some Real Houswives now.  :)

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