It’s been one week

“since you looked at me…” Very fitting that I got a “barenaked lady” about a week ago as the Barenaked Ladies’ song: One Week is now playing in my head.  One week ago I got to cuddle with my love bug for the first time…I was an emotional mess….to say the least.




It is hard to  believe that just over a week ago I was still HUGE with my sweet girl’s hiccups still keeping me up at night.  I was just reminded of my big ole belly as we were able to look through the rest of our maternity pictures today.  (Even though my belly grew a lot in the 4 weeks between the pictures and her birth…it was still rather large.) 


I have said it before and will say it again…I LOVE Cammi’s work! Enjoy some more photos of us. :)



99_Roematernity-83_final 82_Roematernity-12_final 

I can’t wait to work with this lady again tomorrow when she comes over to shoot Brynzlee’s newborn photos. I am sure they will be too precious for words.



At one week Bryn:

-  loves to sleep….during the day ONLY

- enjoys being awake at night…will even wake herself up as soon as she has fallen asleep

- is like her momma in that she LOVES to eat (this girl is a champ at downing some  oz’s)

- has a nose like her daddy

- has the beautiful skin complexion of her aunt, Amy

- enjoys cuddling in a ball on your chest


IMG_2740 IMG_2744


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