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This week has been a little crazy.  It started out with some family time for yet another death.  Sometimes I just think that God must be partial to our family members because he seems to call a LOT of them up to be with him.  Still praying for the Flatt family as they try to return to “life” with this emptiness. 

After driving back on Monday we were able to go to our doctor’s appointment.  I never get tired of hearing that little heartbeat! And so I give you….


She stayed in this position the entire appointment! The ultrasound tech had me jumping up and down, going to the bathroom, turning on different sides, and pushing into my stomach…she wouldn’t budge (STUBBORN….one trait we knew any child of ours was going to possess.)  So here SHE is in all of her glory showing off her long legs as she places them above her head. 

PicMonkey Collage

We get to go back in January and do another ultrasound in hopes of getting a better view of her face but everything seems great!  Such a blessing. 

Since we have another Roe on the way we decided to do our first Christmas card this year.  I was going to use some of our beautiful pics from Alabama but then thought it wouldn’t be right to not acknowledge this little one in some way.  I started looking on pinterest for some ideas on how to make an easy and cute backdrop.  With some inspiration, cheap Christmas lights, and our tripod that we got for Christmas last year, we were able to come up with a few cute pics. 


Not too bad but we still needed to show off the bump a bit.  I found this wonderful idea….on pinterest of course.

Mistletoe pregnancy photo. Cuuuute!

There was no way I was exposing my stomach in all of its glory but I thought we could attempt this.  I forgot to factor in one thing….my husbands wonderful cooperation when it comes to photos.  I give you our attempts…


That is Nathan being “cooperative” by shoving his nose into my stomach because he didn’t like the idea of the photo.  Did I mention our daughter is going to be stubborn?!?! 

Here is the “bump” picture we ended up going with.


It fits us.

Happy Holidays Everyone!



  • Erin

    Love everything about this post .... Especially Nathan's faces. You're poor daughter has no chance at not being stubborn, but I'll still love her like crazy!!!

  • Sami

    BAHAHA! These are funnier than you described! I love the one you went with. It's perfect for you two!

  • 5ohWifey

    You are SO teeny tiny and adorable! Congrats on a girl- girls are so much fun! xoxo

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