Is it November yet?


Last Time in the Old House

Saying good-bye to the Antwood house


Good news: we closed on our old house Thursday afternoon!


Bad news: we will be filing a lawsuit against our previous neighbor this week in hopes of getting our money back for the poor roofing job he did.  Can I just say that having $6,000+ (and lawyer fees)taken from us is really sucking when we will be buying our new house in November. 


With those disclaimers out of the way, I feel the need to tell you how happy several boards and poured concrete make me these days! I give you the progress of Casa De La Roes….






The “fencing” is a little confusing on the eyes.  The black ones show the divide between our property lines and the neighbors’ but the orange is just a barrier for the work crew.  Our yard actually goes right into the trees and right up to the neighborhood’s privacy fence in the back.  Score for not having to pay for a fence for one side of our yard!

Other Side of the House

a view from the other side

Pool Area

This is the same side of the house as the above photo but I feel the need to document where Nathan thinks we will be putting a pool in in the future…we shall see about that.

Morning Room

A few shots of our morning room.  I am only slightly obsessed with this room already! I am so glad we decided to add this room in last minute.  The view of the trees while eating breakfast at the table will be perfection.



the view from our master bedroom windows

Touring the house yesterday has got me looking at paint colors and visually placing all of our furniture in the house over and over again in my mind.  I am also dream shopping for a few new pieces for the house…you have to have goals right?!? 


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  • Val@ChickenScratch

    How exciting!!!! You are going to have SO MUCH FUN settling into your new home!!! Can't wait to see what finishes etc you all have chosen!! Your house looks like the same style as mine ;-)

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