I like big boxes and I can not lie…



We are pretty much officially done with move numero uno! I may not know where half of our belongings are located currently but I must say the fact that they are all moved into our rental house in some box somewhere is cause for some celebratory moscato drinking.


Because moving sucks and we are going to be doing it all over again in just a few short months…I just shivered at the thought… I figured I should right some helpful moving tips. 


I give you five Do-Not’s of moving:


  • Do not talk yourself into believing that you will only need a few more boxes than you used for your last move.  (Unless you clearly don’t have my amazing hoarding capabilities.) Learn from this one so you aren’t out searching for boxes at 11 pm the night before your big move.


  • Do not assume that just because you call and talk to the manager on duty at Wal-Mart that he will in fact save you boxes from their shipment that will be ready for pick-up “anytime after ten pm”.  He lies. 


  • Do not scour the aisles of Wal-mart, stopping to talk to seven different employees unloading boxes, in hopes of finding any big boxes that have actually been unpacked.  Instead just go to Meijer where the employees don’t look at you funny when you say “excuse me, do you know how big those flattened boxes are?” but rather load up all the boxes they can carry in their arms and deliver them to your car/truck.


  • Do not take box labeling lightly.  Chances are you packed something too quickly and will need to find it in the twelve boxes labeled Kitchen. List that crap out on the side! (Thanks, Erin!)


  • Do not worry about your one year old who is having a blast shredding toilet paper all over the carpet of a house that you are trying to clean. If she is happy and not unpacking boxes that she shouldn’t be, just go with it.


That is all I have for now.  It has been a long three day weekend and I can’t thank all of our wonderful family members enough.  I am also very thankful for the Coburn family who are making our transition period so much easier by letting us rent such a beautiful house! More updates to come…

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