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I confess that I love looking at other people's houses. I stalk different blogs (the nester being one of my favorites for home design), I get on pinterest/Houzz to look at photos, I attend various tours of homes, I peek in our neighbors windows I am only half kidding here…but you get the picture.  This got me to thinking, and I decided that I would put my house out there for those who like to be nosey be inspired like me.

Plus, it is always nice to look back at photos to see how much your house has changed over the years…this is the excuse I will give my husband so he doesn’t roll his eyes at me. :)

I give you the Roe casa circa 2014:


the entry way…you can see a glimpse of the tile and carpet we had put in in 2011


the family room two months after we moved in and now(still pretty bare but eventually there will be a gallery wall on that massive blank wall) just try to ignore the treadmill that is in our front room…that is the only way I know how to deal with it until we get a house with a basement


the future place of tea parties, this set was found on e-bay by my mother and given to Bryn before she could sit


Buffet, small picture frame, coat rack, glass jars: TJ Maxx; Candleholders: $1 each at 3rd Sunday Market, Large frame: local antique store, wreath in frame: made from an old book (found the idea on several blogs before pinterest was cool)



the pups in our formal dining room




this sketch of our house was given to us by our relator when we first moved in


our half bath and hallway

It is no secret that I am a lover of all things old...just look at my hubby. :)  The huge piece in the above photos is my favorite piece of furniture in our whole house.  It came from 3rd Sunday and is an old barn scale.  It even came with corn cobs stuffed in the back of it and an old rusty weight. It is the perfect piece for this wall in our house.



the only real change to our informal dinning room over the years is the addition of a high chair


our living room in 2009




mercury glass items: TJ Maxx, Hydrangeas my favorite flower: grown and dried by my grandma Schmidt


framed fabric: local artist, radiator covers turned picture boards: 3rd Sunday, lamp and topiaries: TJ Maxx, old cedar chest:3rd Sunday


fake wicker chairs: Home Depot (they are from our outdoor furniture set currently being held scattered throughout our house), chevron pillows: made by my mother, coffee table: TJ Maxx

Next up: the second floor…whenever I get around to cleaning it. 

If you have a post about your home décor, feel free to leave a link in the comments….I would love to check out new ideas!

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