Drinking Wine is Always in Style

Ooops, we did it again…partied hardy in the name of Sip Happens.  Thanks again to the fabulous ladies @ChickenScratch and @EvaMarieTaylor for coming up with the best excuse to get together and drink wine.  This time around we decided to combine our love of shopping in with the wine drinking because, hello, a girl makes her best decisions after a few glasses of wine…duh!

Karisma Boutique

We were able to snag one of my favorite boutiques for the event, Karisma…who just happen to give 15% off everything to all after hours party-goers. Wine + shopping + a sale= my own little heaven. 


Karisma After Hours Party

Sip Happens Banner

sip happens details

We kept it low key with some cupcakes from The Flying Cupcake and decided we would leave the dinner portion of the night up to the professionals at a local bar, Copper Still (within walking distance of the party of course for those of us who like to overindulge.) 


My ah-mazing co-host, Sami, and I ready to get the sip happenin’.

Sip Happens Wine

We went all out on the wines this go round.  By “all out” I mean Sami found the hilarious “combined” white wine (which, by the way, was the crowd favorite for the night and is apparently made down by Santa Claus, Indiana.) After that purchase and the required “animal theme” in mind, we set off to Trader Joes (home of the three buck chuck) in hopes of finding some reasonably priced red wine with farm animals incorporated into the label.  We got lucky and found these two for about $4 a bottle…and at that price they did not disappoint (the Chicken one was the favorite out of the reds.)


SipHappens Party

Needless to say there was plenty of wine sipping gulping, gossiping, pretending to be models, and letting loose going on.

After making our purchases we took the party to the streets of Noblesville…wine in hand.

Streets of Noblesville

I will leave you with the quote of the night: “Oooo, have an eyelash, tell a story!!” Yep, it was a great night! :)

Until next time,



  • Eva Marie Taylor

    I absolutely love Karisma. Such adorable stuff in there. After some wine and a discount, it could have been bad news for our bank account! So for the next Sip Happens Party we should go all out and combine our groups, since the theme is "local wineries" and we keep talking about all getting together!!

  • Kristin

    Eva- it is so funny that you chose that as the next theme because we had already decided to do a winery tour for our next one! I love the idea of a joint party...this state won't know what hit it. Haha!

  • Aleks

    What a great time! I love the "model" pics. I am super pumped for the local wineries theme!

  • Samantha @ Cotten Tales

    Bestie, you are awesome. Thank you for being a fabulous co-host and friend! Let's go back to karisma ASAP. I may not have enough clothes for Vegas. ;)

  • Amber

    Love all the pictures you guys took! So fun to discover other local bloggers. And those cupcakes look fabulous

  • Kelly

    Looks like it was a fun, fashion filled night!

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