Disney Break…

I realize my blog posts have been bogged down with some major Disney photo action.  I can’t help it….it was such a blast that I have to re-live it over and over through this wonderful site. :)

Today I thought I would take a break from bragging about all the amazeball things we were able to do over Christmas break and focus on some other, very random things. 

To begin with:

I LOVE this man….maybe I should rephrase that….this man’s voice is my obsession!  He has so much feeling in his songs and can usually make me cry (a task that is not that hard.)    A personal fave is “No Regrets”….gets me every time. 

Anyway…his new CD, Set You Free, just got released on Spotify and I am listening to it for what will be the first of MANY times. 



Did I mention he is nice on the eyes??

Another new obsession:


Mahjong Titans…just keepin t it real with ya…

News on the baby front:

I have to get this out there in the open. I….ate…Mexican this week.  Disappointed smile  I know, I know, I am not supposed to have unpasteurized cheese but the queso is so good and I have held off for so long.  (It is not like I drank alcohol…)  Call me a failure….while I am at it I should mention: I didn’t get the flu shot, I have been known to eat the occasional lunch meat and seafood, and I still drink a diet coke every now and then (usually it is caffeine free though!)  It is not that I don’t care…I really DO, and as one of my doctors mentioned to me…I DO see the seriousness in this…I just don’t understand taking everything SO seriously.  I am careful and I do worry about my child…often.  I blame the miscarriage for a lot of these irrational fears, but I just don’t see how eating something once in a blue moon is going to really have a life altering effect on my child.  I mean look at women throughout the years and tell me how many of them did things they “shouldn’t” have done during pregnancy and still had “normal” babies. 

Anyway, just thought I would put my two cents in. 

We also were able to register for the shower which is coming up in February thanks to my amazing in-laws.  FYI registering for a baby is highly stressful!  There are so many options and everything is ridiculously expensive!  It took us three different stores and approximately 50 strollers to find a stroller that had the requirements that Nathan and I both wanted.  Everything on our list was very practical.  We wanted it to fold up compact, be a travel system, have an irregular shaped car seat handle for easy carrying, cup holders, a 5 point harness, etc….nothing crazy.  When we finally found one we agreed on, we ended up having to buy it on the spot because it was on clearance and would be gone soon….seriously?!?!  (By the way…BIG thank you to momma Roe for our early shower present!) Then of course we had to buy the car seat separately online and another base online from a different store….can we make this any more difficult? So glad THAT is done!

We have also been working on the nursery….pics coming soon. 

Last night we ordered this lovely glider and matching ottoman from BabiesRUS on sale! (My love language Smile


We decided against footing the bill for the fancy iron crib I feel in love with.  Instead we are putting the money towards the new carpet in the rest of the house and getting a FREE crib.  My mom and dad offered us the crib they bought when pregnant with little old me.   This crib has worked its way through each and every Schmidt family grandchild’s household and will now start the tradition for great-grandchildren.  I am excited that it is the same open-aired feel that I was looking for and that it is a major budget savor…more money to spend on pink tutus. :) 


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