Diaper Bags 101


Once you become a mom you are left to fend for yourself on a lot of things.  Sure you talk to others and get great advice, but you still don’t really have a clue what you are doing, what you need, and where to spend your money. 

One particular example of this is the all essential…diaper bag. 

I received a diaper bag from my own mom as a shower present and although it was cute, I quickly found it to be not very functional which sent us on a spree looking for the perfect diaper bag. It took us quite a while but we finally thought we found it and shelled out the $80 bucks for a “good one”…that now, a year later, is on its last leg.

In trying to help other newbies out there, here is a list of critical things to consider when shopping for a diaper bag:

1) Be prepared to spend some cash. I am not saying that you have to run to your nearest Petunia Pickle Bottom retailer (don’t worry if you don’t know what that means…I didn’t know either….until I birthed a child)  but even the cuter versions that Wal-Mart has will cost you around $40…crazy.

2) Pockets…these are essential! I wanted a bag with as many pockets as possible to cram crap into easily locate things quickly. (Because who wants to be that mom who’s kid is screaming because she can’t find the bottle/formula/diapers/toys/pacifier/snacks/booger wipes/etc. fast enough?) 


J.J Cole bag with pockets galore (FYI that “pacifier pod” is amazing…get yourself one)

3) You have to consider if you want a fun print or a solid, everyday, any outfit bag.  I clearly went for the latter (jet black with a pop of print on the paci pouch.) Currently, in my dreams for warmer weather, I am crushing over fun prints in a bag for Spring/Summer which by the way feels like it is never going to get here. 

4) The outer material is also important to consider.  This bag’s material has weathered nicely.  It is very easy to clean and sturdy.  My complaint is in the material that holds the metal rings on.  That glossy material is starting to pull apart and will soon make this bag no longer have handles…kinda important in my book. 

5) Also consider the fact that bombs go off in diaper bags. No joke, no matter how hard you try to keep it clean and tidy with the help of all those excellent pockets, it is going to be a disaster 90% of the time.  Get a bag that is big enough to hide that disaster without screaming..I am hiding a disaster in here!

6) Is it functional?  How easy is it to carry/lug around with a child and possibly a stroller.  Mine fits nicely in the basket of our stroller or on top the shade but you can also buy neat straps to tie it to the handle of the stroller as well. 

Any other suggestions for buying the perfect diaper bag?

Also, if you would like/feel obligated, please send me cash or your credit card information to donate to the worthy cause:  “Kristin needs a new diaper bag and she has fallen in love with the real leather-ness of a good cause organization’s cute Better Life Bags Emily diaper bag.”

Thanks! :)


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  • Samantha

    I'll second the stroller straps! Mine are JJ Cole and came with my diaper bag. They have been a total space saver in our stroller/caddy!

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