Chh, chh, chh, chhanges…

Warning: this may be too much information, but I feel that it is necessary to document what is going on with this whole thing they call “pregnancy”. 

Setting the scene: If you know me, I am sure you know about my upper chest region or lack their of. To describe it I will quote my in laws with “itty bitty titties” (yes, I totally just wrote titties on my blog…I guess I can always blame my hormones later when I regret that????) 

ANYWAY…..they are changing to say the least.  I don’t know how people deal with this! Seriously, I wanted to cry they itched so bad today.  I was miserable and you can’t exactly start scratching your breasts in the middle of a class of 4th graders, who are constantly paying attention to everything you are doing (at least some of them).  To add to the constant tingling, I had to go out and buy bigger bras this weekend.  (Hey…I warned you this might be too much.)

Normally, I buy these cute little things that I enjoy wearing.  I figured I needed to get one size bigger and be on my way.  I WAS WRONG.  I got back from Target(what I believe to be the pregnant ladies’ heaven)  and tried on my new purchase….my husband just laughed.  Not only were my boobs still too big, (NEVER thought I would utter that phrase) but he also thinks it is hilarious that the two ladies difference in sizes is very apparent now.  Man does he know how to make a woman, who’s belly is enlarged, feel good about herself! 

I returned to Target, because a bra that fits is kind of a necessity when you no longer work from home.  The search began and I had no idea what I was looking for.  I asked the fitting room lady to be patient with me as I tried on approximately 10 different types and sizes of braziers.  I finally settled on the most grandma bra you can imagine….seriously is it too much to ask to just feel cute when pregnant?!?! 

This is EXACTLY how I felt then and now. :)  (By the way…totally pumped to watch the VS fashion show tonight.)

Enough about my growing chesticles…lets get to the good stuff. I know you are all curious so here is an update on “the bump".”


Baby is the size of a banana this week and we get to find out the gender next Monday!  I love hearing my students reactions to the bump. Last week I overheard one student say, “I can see her baby!”  Another uttered, “Mrs.  Roe, your belly is popping today!”  I have had students in other classes say they just thought I was getting bigger and one student even decided to put her ear up to my stomach today to see if she could hear the baby.  My favorite so far has probably been, “Remember when she used to be skinny?”  :) Gotta love my munchkins! 


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