Buying a cow and other shenanigans…

Several months ago my friend, Sami, and I decided to take a road trip to Ohio to visit IKEA and ended up finding heaven an AH-mazing outlet mall. Since I was still preggo at the time, I was limited on what I would buy for this little girl, but knew we would have to come back (especially since Sami had just found out she was preggers too!)


Shopping buddies on our legendary trip to Disneyworld

This past Saturday was the epic day we picked to return to Ohio to drop some serious dough do some shopping.  IKEA virgin, Bethany, joined us in our adventure although I am not sure she or her husband were fully prepared for what was about to happen….I guess you could say we shopped till we dropped. 

At IKEA we found several furniture pieces, window treatments, some baby not-so-necessities, bed sheets, knickknacks and much more before meeting Bessy….


We searched high and low (literally through a pile of skins) in the herd to find this beauty who now resides in the Bertoli house. 


Our purchases…

After packing Sami’s car full we brought our hunt for good bargains to the outlet mall which did not disappoint.  I think it is safe to say our little girls will be stylin’.

I had a blast!   It was so nice to get away and just hang with the girls.  I can’t say that my heart didn’t hurt a bit every time I heard a nearby baby cry or hiccup, but I knew Bryn was in good hands at home with her daddy. 

On Sunday we celebrated Nathan’s first father’s day by going to church, spending some quality family time together, and buying a new diaper bag….ya, I have been told I am on a spending hiatus for the next couple months….I think it might have something to do with the fact that I am not working right now?!? :)



This dress was one of the steals I got in Ohio…I couldn’t wait for her to wear it!


My perfect family…minus the fur babies.


We finally opened up this gift from grandma and grandpa Schmidt…I think it is going to be a favorite. 

This weekend, especially Sunday/ Father’s day, kept me thinking a lot about all the wonderful men in my life and those we have lost. 

I love watching Nathan with Brynzlee. You can see how excited he is to help this little girl grow up and learn so much.  The other day I caught him trying to “teach” her to walk….although mommy she is not ready for that anytime soon, it is great see the smile on his face when he does this.  (I also caught him narrating both sides of a conversation between Bryn and the dog yesterday…hilarious..this only means that he is going to try and take full credit when she starts walking and talking to us.)

I am also very blessed to have a wonderful father and two grandfathers that I get to visit pretty reguarly and always have a great time with.  I love seeing them with their granddaughter/ great-granddaughter and can’t wait for them to start telling her stories. :)

My mind often wanders to Bryn’s other grandfather and great-grandfather as well, whom I know are smiling down on her.  Richard, Nathan’s dad, is present every time Bryn smiles…which is quite often nowadays.  I am usually brought to tears of joy when I see her smile because I can picture that wonderful man who left this world way too early…Nathan’s sister recently wrote a heart warming post about him.

This weekend was such a great reminder to make sure to stop and give thanks for our many angels in heaven, quality time as a family, great friends, a beautiful baby girl, and everything else we take for granted.   


Happy belated Father’s Day to all you dads and daddies-to-be out there!

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