Brynzlee Grace- Four

My baby is now a four year old and getting ready to take on Pre-Kindergarten in the next month. 


The Facts:

- You are the best big sister.  You are always watching out for “Z”, helping to take care of her, and loving on her.  It is one of my favorite things to watch the two of you together, although I am sure that will be changing soon as she is now mobile and getting into your toys more and more. 


- You still have yet to receive your first official hair cut.  We have been contemplating it recently but it is still not extremely long.  (These pictures don’t do it justice because it is pulled back out of your face.)

- The natural curls in your hair are gorgeous and unruly at the same time.  I am in awe of them. 

- Your memory still amazes us.  You can tell us exactly what other people said and did, even if it was months ago.  If we miss place something we usually ask you where to find it, and you are usually correct!

- Not only can you write your first and last name but you have also taken interest in writing Zella, Kristin, and Nathan.


- You are still in swim lessons and doing great. We can’t wait to put your skills to the test during our upcoming Disney cruise.

- You had your first “friends” birthday party at our house last weekend. You were on cloud nine. (Post to come)

- You have started saying the “Our Father” and “Hail Mary” throughout the week at bed time along with the usual  “I am thankful for/who I pray for”.

- Every once in awhile you get a treat of watching a Disney movie.  Your current faves are Lightening McQueen and Beauty and the Beast. 


- You are constantly singing and dancing.  I love when you “shake your booty” and the face you make while you do it.  You love requesting songs from “Alexa.”  Your current go-to’s are the Trolls soundtrack, Snapback, Uptown Funk, Sugar, and more.  It is hilarious when we have a playlist of country music from the 90’s playing and you immediately say “This is a good one” to songs you have never heard before in your life. You definitely have your mom and dad’s love for music.


- You love to be a helper and often ask how you can help with jobs around the house. 

- Bentley is still your bud.  He comes in and snuggles up next to you in bed each morning. 


- You are full of spunk and always keep me laughing.  You can also be extremely stubborn and have your share of fits but you can usually snap out of them pretty easily. 

- You rode on the Primrose bus for the first time last weekend and loved it. (You were helping mommy take the bus back to school.) I am so sad to think that you will be going off on field trips in the bus this summer. How can you be old enough for that?


I love you so much little lady.  I am incredibly thankful for the joy you bring into our lives.


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