Brynzlee Grace


I can’t say enough about this little cutie.  What I can say is motherhood comes with three sides: good, bad, and ugly.

This morning we experienced some ugly.  Bryn has been on three different antibiotics this past month to try and fix her ear infections that don’t seem to go away.  The most recent medicine has made her throw up, have the runs as well as some fierce diaper rash, lose her appetite, and just overall sucks.


who needs romantic e-cards when a simple text with this picture (in full color of course) and the words “We miss you” will do?

My poor baby…the good thing is she is happy as can be, despite all of this, and she finished the meds last night.  We can only hope she gets it all “out of her system” before we take her to one of the fanciest restaurants in town tomorrow for North Side Nights.

And now for some good…Brynie bear is growing so much and I have to share what a big girl she is. 


She couldn’t be more proud of herself…too adorable.

I may or may not have told Nathan he needed to push her down and make her stop walking….I am not ready for her to grow up! :)


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  • Samantha

    Noooooo!!!!! She's so big! This means mine is just 6 months away from walking... and that's not allowed. Make them stop!

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