Bryn’s 4th Birthday Recap


Brynzlee Grace turned 4 years old in April.  It might not seem like much but I swear there are times now that I look at her and think “how are you already a little woman?”  Don’t get me wrong we still have some scattered temper tantrums, potty accidents, etc. but she is maturing and it is hard on a momma!


To celebrate our oldest getting older, we decided to throw her her first “friends” birthday party. (We had a separate party at Granny and Poppa’s house for family.)


We kept it very low key and had cake and ice cream at the house and a “tea 4 Brynzlee” theme.  Bryn asked to invite a few of her friends and neighbors and we kept it small by just having a school party for her friends at Primrose.  (Yes, our child had three VERY small parties for her birthday. That is what happens when your birthday falls right between Easter and your mom’s biggest school event of the year.  Sorry, Brynie bear, your parties might forever be based around what is easy and convenient.)


tea cups: borrowed from an amazing friend, cupcake stand and bonnet take-a-way gifts: Target dollar bin, garland: Golden Drop Garlands, flowers: Adrienne’s in Noblesville



I hardly took any pictures. Mostly we spent time chatting with friends and neighbors while Bryn had a blast running around with her friends.  I think she was on cloud nine. 


And the best news…Bryn’s cake actually survived this year!


Happy Birthday, Brynzlee Grace!

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