Birthday Bliss

The best thing to do when your life gets crazy? Skip town, visit family, and have no worries.

This past weekend we did exactly that.  We put packing up our entire house and finding a place to rent (did I mention we have less than three weeks to do all of this in?!) on hold and headed to Illinois to spend some much needed time with family and get away.  Oh, and it happened to be mine and my SIL’s birthday weekend.

I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed this weekend but I can show you some of the fabulousness that led to the birthday blissdom.  Sorry in advance for the minimal amount of pictures of actual people.  I wasn’t feeling my usual paparazzi self.

Lot Pre-Construction

our glamorous lot complete with porta potty and light post

My birthday bliss started the Wednesday before when we sold our house. It continued that night when I was able to feel like a complete bad ass for not worrying about how clean my house was before I went to bed that night (no more showings= a lot less tidy house.) That Thursday we had our pre-construction meeting with the builder of our new house.  It was the first time I let myself get overly excited about this whole project and it was amazing.  I was like a giddy little kid when they gave us his and her hard hats to wear whenever we go out to visit our new baby house (which will probably be on the daily.)


Brynzlee cuddling with her Aunt Katie

Friday and Saturday were spent soaking in as much family time as we could get.  We celebrated my Rinny’s birthday, talked about how much we can’t wait to meet baby Landon, watched some Fixer Upper, and played with our little hellion.

Helen Keller “Helen Keller”  grabbing on Katie as she tries to stay awake

Birthday Cake

Coke Sign

Sunday was my birthday and we celebrated with four and a half hours of my favorite thing, antique shopping with my mom and sister! 

3rd Sunday Market Finds

I am still swooning over that street sign…the one that got away

Wine Sign


ending the weekend with lots of snuggles

I am incredibly thankful for all the amazing friends and family members we have in our lives.  This birthday made me feel old as well as grateful and loved.  I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. 

I think I am going to like being a 27 year old.  So far it has brought with it a new position at work and a Devour Downtown date nate with Sami that I can't wait to tell you about. 

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