Yesterday was Brynzlee’s baptism.  It was so nice to have most of the family here for the weekend. 


Cousin love

The Roe clan including my MIL, SIL, and nephew came in Friday night and we were able to spend time catching up and laughing….of course with a little froyo from Orange Leaf thrown in.

Saturday morning we took the Roe gang to our local farmer’s market and stocked up on lots of great, fresh veggies, flowers, and free grilled corn on the cob! After lunch at the house, Erin and I got to go out on an adventure to find some ruffled bloomers for Bryn’s big day.  And an “adventure” it was!  We saw prisoners mowing a median, a boy on the street with a sign saying “Will dance for money”, an older couple standing on the side of the road with “Free backpacks” or so their cardboard box sign said…and NO we were not downtown!  Needless to say we had a blast during our “girl time.”

After my parents arrived, our Saturday night consisted of seven dogs, two turtles who are currently separated and I might have to get rid of one, six adults, one child, and one baby hanging out at the house.  It was chaos, but so much fun.  We decided to take everyone to The Loft at Trader’s Point for dinner. This is a local restaurant in an old barn on a farm that is beautiful..and also aired on Kendrabecause that is important. I loved the atmosphere and it was nice to enjoy some “grass-i-fied” food….or Grass-fed to those of us that can read properly. :)

Sunday was the big day.  I will let the pictures do most of the talking for this one.  Thanks to Erin for being our photographer for the morning!






Showing Bryn off to her church fam as we sing “Jesus Love Me”




(I had to steal this beauty from my MIL since I didn’t have any pics of her….I blame Erin.)

After church I had a short deacon meeting before heading back home for pork steaks, fresh cheesy potatoes, fresh green beans, and corn on the cob. YUMM 


My attempt at a good picture of the antique “baby bling” my mom bought for Bryn.  You can’t tell but there is an “R” engraved in the middle of the ring.  I call it her Mr. T jewelry.


The rest of her accessories…the beautiful necklace is from Uncle Mike and Jeff…and yes her fingers and toes are pink of course.


A few glamor shots outside before putting our new patio furniture to good use for lunch on a perfect day .











  • Samantha

    You and Nathan look like such proud parents. :) I'm sorry that we missed such a beautiful day!

  • Amy

    Love it all...including your dress. Hot momma! (can I say that...even though you were in church?!?) ha!

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