All the right Junk in all the right places…

…kinda.  We have lived in #CasaDeLaRoes for about two months now and I am finally posting some pictures for you to check it out.  Pay no attention to the paint that still needs touched up, the curtains that need ironed, the Christmas décor that is still up (as well as some spring décor?!), and the other craziness.  We are getting there… 

Roe Casa

Step inside



Clearly we have not made much progress on the gallery wall. I blame the fact that we lost Brynzlee’s one year photos in one of the moves. Worst parents ever? Also, my curtains are clearly too short. I am working on that one.

Dinning Room

Our makeshift dinning room table is definitely our outdoor patio furniture. Don't mind the umbrella hole in the middle of the table. It adds character.

Dinning Room 2

In love with our Chandelier from World Market!


There is a glimpse of our “leaner mirror” in this photo.  That is the epic, almost seven foot mirror, from my girls trip to Ohio. You can get the amazing details here

Iron Shutters

I have waited so long to hang these old, iron shutters on our walls!

Kitchen Dinning Room


Brynie Bear’s Room

Master Bedroom and Bath

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

There you have it.  A sneak peak into our little paradise.  Sorry to keep you waiting so long but this perfectionist couldn’t take the mess. That is exactly why it was all strategically edited out of these photos. The rest of the house will have to wait. Especially the living room. Today football was on. Enough said. Pictures of the living room would have  been solely of my husband on his laptop while watching games as my daughter drug out every toy she owned.


Until next time or as Bryn would say “See ya, B-ya.” (This comes from my hubby trying to teach her “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. Not the other bia. Although it is still kinda hilarious to hear her say it.)



  • Sanjee

    Your decorations are beautiful and unique

  • Pam

    Very nice Kristin! I'm so happy for you! Enjoy!

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