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I’ll be the first to admit that this blog has taken a major backburner in my life right now.  Cramming your “office space” into your bedroom that has boxes all over the floor and dirty laundry piled up because the hampers are all upstairs in a separate bedroom that no one sleeps in…I could explain but all you really need to know is that it is crazy up in this joint and that makes for little motivation to write.  

I decided I should just throw some of my craziness out there in hopes that there are some wonderful suggestions on how to make it all go a little smoother.  (FYI: drinking wine isn’t really make the craziness go away..maybe I am just not drinking enough?!?)

Potty Training: I know I am probably one of those moms who thinks her kid is a super genius but we started sitting Brynzlee on the potty a couple of weeks ago. Thank you Aunt Karen for the so practical baby shower gift! :) Anyway, that is all she is doing…a lot of sitting.  I know, I know she is not even a year and a half yet so I need to just calm down but hey, cutting diapers out of our expenses sounds too tempting not to give it all we got. How do we get this kid to tinkle? I have tried running water and apparently she will pee as soon as she gets in the shower but never on the “potty.” 

Halloween: I plan on raiding my parents house for anything and everything I can find for our family costume this year. Yep, I said family costume...you have to do it up right for the Children’s Museum’s Black Hat Bash. This momma is going to need a miracle to get my stubborn husband in a costume and find three decent and related outfits for all of us in like the zero dollar budget range. I am thinking Superheroes but am open to suggestions. 


Barstool Inspiration

Aidan Gray / Restoration Hardware

House Decorating: Where the heck do you find cute Restoration Hardware barstools on the cheap?  So I first fell head over heels in love with the barstools pictured on the left from a photo on Pinterest.  I immediately searched the internet only to find they run about a grand each…umm, no! Heart-broken, frantic searching ensued until I stumbled across the similar barstools on the right for about $300 a piece. Much more do-able but still a little extreme especially when your husband clearly does not understand how much of a statement piece these barstools would be in your home.  C’mon barstools are definitely a priority over a fence in the backyard and a deck…how does he not see this?!?!  I’m only slightly kidding here.  I mean you can pick your own fabric on these bad boys! Swooning…

Plaid Scarves

Scarves: I have a scarf exchange coming up.  I have never been to one but am in love with the concept and the fact that I will be meeting several local bloggers that I stalk.  That being said there is a lot of pressure to bring the perfect scarf and as much as I would love to be bringing one of the fabulous fashionABLE scarves that support such a great cause, this whole taking your neighbor to small claims court kinda puts a hold on spending that kind of money on a scarf.  I have started shopping for the perfect scarf but have come up empty handed so far.  I am leaning toward the plaid trend that looks super cute and perfect for fall.  Help a girl out…where do you find the best scarves?



  • Val@ChickenScratch

    1. Potty Training is the worst thing I have been through thus far in my journey through motherhood. AWFUL. Finally got the job done at 2.5 ….I cried many tears over that subject as a 8 month prego during my first attempt and then a newborn during my second. But third times a charm and it happened literally in 24 hours. She was potty trained in nearly a day and we never looked back. I guess she just wasn't ready before. :-/

    2. The scarf exchange! Im so excited!!! And thanks to this I just remember I need to remind everyone on FB!!!

    Hang in there Mama. You have a LOT going on but its all good stuff :-)

  • Courtney Mann

    Ooooh. I love the plaid scarves. My mind is racing with ideas now. I just bought a couple maternity dresses that would look really cute with these scarves. :)

    (Catching up on your blog... obviously.)

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