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  • quote of the week made by my dear Grandma Starbody at the baby shower (about me of course).  She definitely knows how to make us laugh. :)

    The shower was a complete success.  My sister-in- … more


    Life at 31 weeks…

    Happy Presidents’ Day!  I am kinda in love with the fact that I have had the day off to finish putting our house back together, relax, and be a bit of a bum.  This past week our house … more


    It’s a…

    This week has been a little crazy.  It started out with some family time for yet another death.  Sometimes I just think that God must be partial to our family members because he seems to … more

  • Warning: this may be too much information, but I feel that it is necessary to document what is going on with this whole thing they call “pregnancy”. 

    Setting the scene: If you … more

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