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    Week 39

    Things have been a little busy around here.  We have gone to doctor’s appointments, a car-seat installation inspection, a few baby showers from my wonderful colleagues and kiddos, ordered … more

  • Reality is setting in that in less than a month I am really going to have to push this baby out.  Not gonna lie…..I am starting to freak out a bit.  Nathan has been a BIG help and I … more

  • I LOVE the idea of having a baby’s name above their crib.  I have seen really creative ways of doing it and….even before I ever got pregnant…..searched for how I would do … more


    Life at 31 weeks…

    Happy Presidents’ Day!  I am kinda in love with the fact that I have had the day off to finish putting our house back together, relax, and be a bit of a bum.  This past week our house … more

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