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    Birthday Bliss

    The best thing to do when your life gets crazy? Skip town, visit family, and have no worries.

    This past weekend we did exactly that.  We put packing up our entire house and finding a place to … more


    Home Tour 2014

    I confess that I love looking at other people's houses. I stalk different blogs (the nester being one of my favorites for home design), I get on pinterest/Houzz to look at photos, I attend various … more

  • Ooooppps, we did it again.  Another shopping trip to Ohio=mo’ money spent.

    First up on our fabulous journey…IKEA (of course.) We had to see just how much we could fit in an Escape … more


    Old Wood

    They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

    I have a problem…I think I have a slight obsession with old wood.

    The more distressed, with chipped paint and stains, the … more

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