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  • The Facts:

    - You started rice cereal for the first time this week.  You are a fan. You take about an ounce at a time right now. 

    - You are rolling over a lot.  You have done it on … more

  • The Facts:

    - You are sleeping through the night! Lately, after your last bottle, you have been falling asleep on the floor in our living room all by yourself.  We then move you up to your … more

  • The Facts:

    - You are sleeping about 5-6 hours at a time at night.  We are hoping to get you sleeping through the night soon.

    - You started school last week and have done great except for … more

  • Ryker Eugene,

    You are the cutest little man I have ever laid eyes on. We are so blessed to call you ours. 

    The Facts:

    - At your one month check-up this week you had the following … more

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