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  • The Facts: - You are getting closer and closer to walking.  Currently, you need to hold on to someone else’s finger while you walk in order to feel confident enough. - You are completely off of … more

  • The Facts:

    - You now have your front two bottom teeth.  We are waiting on more teeth, but for now it is just the two.

    - Your teachers said you dared to take a step on your own today. We … more

  • The Facts:

    -You finally got your first tooth! :)

    - You love to walk around while holding onto furniture and pushing the walker.  You are going to be walking on your own before we know it. … more

  • Brynzlee Grace turned 4 years old in April.  It might not seem like much but I swear there are times now that I look at her and think “how are you already a little woman?”  … more

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