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    Brynzlee Grace- 6

    The Facts:

    - Your stats are the following: Weight 44.2 lbs (47%) Height 48” (91%)

    - You “lost” your first tooth in November.  Your top, front tooth that  you chipped … more

  • We celebrated Ryker’s birthday a few days early and combined it with a “help us move” party.

    Grandparents from both sides were able to make it over as well as the Jones family … more

  • The Facts:

    - You are saying so many new words. You said “mama” for about a week straight and now only say it when you are in a lot of distress. Stubborn boy.  You say “thank … more

  • The Facts:

    - Your top two teeth are starting to break though.  These will give you all four of your front teeth.

    - You are such a happy baby but you have been even more content since your … more

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