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    Casa De La Roes

    This is it folks.  We are down to a single digit countdown.  We have our first sticker walk through tomorrow morning.  That is not the official term but we get to learn the correct way … more

  • A little over two weeks from now this house will officially be ours! I am so excited.  We have decided that we will be painting most (if not all) of the house by ourselves so it is about to get … more

  • our living room circa last month

    This space is where we will be spending the bulk of our time in this house and therefore it needs to be filled with all things beautiful as well as be functional … more

  • the view out our morning room from the kitchen

    I am most excited about this room that was almost not a part of our house at all. A big thank you to my mom, MIL, and SIL who helped make us see just … more

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